Local_ConnectionsIf you want to get to the heart of any feature story, you need well-rounded research, in-depth interviews, and an openness to go back to the drawing board until the story is right. You also need a fresh approach, lead to conclusion, not the same boring turns of phrase. Whether it’s a consumer or trade magazine, print or online, I have you covered.

Sample clients: Atlantic Business Magazine, Dalhousie MagazineFranchise Canada MagazineHalifax Magazine, Local Connections Halifax, Progress MagazineThe Coast



Good copywriting isn’t just about stringing together a coherent, credible message about your organization. To get people to act, you also need a researcher, a psychologist, a salesperson, a marketing strategist, an editor, and, yes, a writer. Don’t have the time to develop all of those skills? Let me make your life easier. I’ve written and edited marketing brochures, employee newsletters, websites, annual reports, ad and cover copy, alumni magazine articles, press releases, case studies, tourism guides, blogs, and more.

Sample clients: Channel 3 Communications, Cruickshank Construction, Queen’s University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Saint Mary’s University, The Great Waterway, Visit Kingston



Harper_CollinsBehind every good writer is a great editor. Nothing makes a reader close a book, magazine, or website faster than misspellings and poor grammar, let alone factual inaccuracies and muddled meanings. Don’t let that happen. I’m a trained copy editor and provide substantive editing, line editing, and proofreading services, too. The Chicago Manual of Style and The Canadian Press Stylebook are my bibles, but I can adapt to any style guide.

Sample clients: HarperCollins Canada, Local Connections Halifax, Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre, Harlequin