“How I Saved Over $20,000”

Brendan Bates, Partner and Studio Director at Saint John, New Brunswick’s, Toss Solutions

My May column for Progress Magazine on how companies throughout Atlantic Canada are cutting costs and improving the bottom line.

Brendan Bates (foreground) at Toss Solution's new office in Saint John. (photo courtesy of Toss Solutions - Facebook)

Brendan Bates (foreground) at Toss Solution’s new office in Saint John. (photo courtesy of Toss Solutions – Facebook)

As a company that’s designed commercial spaces for clients ranging from McDonald’s to TD Canada Trust, Toss Solutions knows a thing or two about creating work environments that are cost-effective and that actually enhance productivity. In April, they decided to put that expertise to work on their own company while relocating their offices in Saint John.

“Space—or one’s lease—is usually a company’s second biggest cost, next to staffing,” says Brendan Bates, a Partner and Studio Director at Toss. “So based on that, and having the background we do, we implemented a few strategies that would actually improve the way we work and create some real savings.”

The first was installing a filtered water system for thirsty employees. Not only did this save about $300 by removing the need for water bottles, but it also saved valuable work space that was once used to store those bottles. The second was getting rid of every desk phone (except one for emergencies) and giving employees cell phones instead, which should salvage about $3,000 annually.

For the third strategy, they decided to host their servers offsite, which will save Toss over $19,000 by eliminating server maintenance, upgrading, and heating and cooling costs. “We found that our server room was getting bigger and bigger,” says Bates, “so by going with a company that stores our data in the cloud and only charges us for what we use, it’s given us two things: 50 square feet that we can use as an office again, and even better data security than what we could provide.”

As for how Toss Solutions came up with these ideas, it came down to doing the research. “The economy as it is in this region forces businesses to ask where can we cut costs, where can we actively pursue savings without implementing staff or performance,” says Bates.

So, after allocating a few staff members to find out what the money-saving trends are, speaking with local companies who might offer the services they were looking for, and doing a cost evaluation, they found their answers. All told, that research will lead to a whopping $22,700 in annual savings.


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